About Tilapia

Tilapia Culture Centre is a platform for artistic talent in Kampala, Uganda, offering a comfortable atmosphere, regular live musical performances, movie showings, theatrical performances, art exhibitions and other cultural happenings. Bands from around the region and from around the world play here each weekend, either in our relaxed, open-air terrace, or our 200-capacity auditorium. Movies, old and new, are aired for free every Monday and Thursday evenings. The bar is stocked with a wide selection of alcohol and soft drinks, and our kitchen offers flavorful meals. Tilapia Centre offers a comfortable environment for your enjoyment. Open till late!

Check our home page to see what’s coming up, or visit our facility and services pages to see how we can bring your music, film, or other art into the public eye. As always, feel free to contact us for more information. We are located in Bunga, Kampala.

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One thought on “About Tilapia

  1. Tilapia Culture. It is the premier representation of fresh culture in Kampala. Versatile in it’s capability (rehersal space to small shows to big gigs) and varied in what it offers (theatre, cinema, music), the venue is a hub for all sorts of acts where artists can come to socialize and perform. It’s mold-breaking. It’s earth-shaking. It’s the manifestation of an artistic ideology which is new to Uganda. Be a part of it!

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